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Climate change: grounds for concern for North Coast NSW sport?

Melting icecaps and glaciers might seem a long way from north coast NSW. But global warming is going into warming the oceans, which makes the water expand and rise – even before we start accounting for icecaps and glaciers.  Sea … Continue reading

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Bankstown sports: Grounds for climate change concern?

Global warming is making the oceans warmer. Warm water expands, and so the seas are rising – around 200 mm last century and the pace is accelerating. OzCoasts provides online maps that show predicted areas of inundation from  impacts of … Continue reading

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Northern Territory sport and climate change

Northern Territory cricket already takes our current climate into account, by playing in the summer season down in Alice Springs, but the winter season in the Top End. What will global warming do for how playable the summer is for … Continue reading

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Newcastle sport at serious risk from climate change

In many other areas of Australia, low lying sports grounds give an early warning of risks to communities from the sea level rise which is being driven by global warming, caused by greenhouse gas emissions. In the Newcastle area, whole … Continue reading

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Cricket and climate change in the media

Australia and climate change: it’s just not cricket (Friends of the Earth, November 2013) Australian High Commission in London presented with replica Ashes urn : “In affectionate remembrance of THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT’S CONSCIENCE Which died at the Warsaw Climate Talks on 16th NOVEMBER 2013 Deeply … Continue reading

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Sydney North Shore sport under threat from climate change

Cricket and other junior and community sports on Sydney’s North Shore are under threat from rising sea levels as a result of climate change. Global warming is warming the oceans as well as the atmosphere. Water expands as it warms. … Continue reading

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Sydney Northern Districts cricket at risk from climate change

The risk to Australia’s summer game from more severe and frequent heatwaves resulting from climate change should be obvious. A less obvious threat may be that of sea level rise. Global warming is warming the oceans. Water expands as it … Continue reading

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