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Global temperatures batting above their average

Somehow missed this – really good article earlier this year from Greg Jericho using a batting stats chart to illustrate temperature records, global warming, and the non-existence of the climate deniers’ beloved “pause” in warming. For those on twitter, Greg … Continue reading

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Balmain area sports venues need real climate action

Global warming is warming the oceans. Water expands as it warms. So, the seas are rising: around 200mm last century, and accelerating. This threatens cities, farming land, and infrastructure  – like roads and railways around the world. One thing threatened … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Bank – sponsoring cricket but climate change too?

Update 6 August 2015: CommBank pulls out of Adani’s Galilee Basin mine! Great news; let’s see more of it. The Commonwealth Bank is much known and appreciated for its sponsorship of Australian cricket – from Test to local and junior … Continue reading

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Flemington Racecourse – a bad climate change bet

Here’s an unfamiliar view of Flemington Racecourse. With a patch of blue for tides onto the track. This is OzCoasts’ map for the impact of 110cm of sea level rise. This is the amount of sea level rise we are on … Continue reading

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Eastern suburbs sport and sea level rise from climate change

Global warming is happening, and it is raising sea levels. Sports grounds are often in low lying locations, and provide early indicators of risks to communities which mean we should be acting urgently in Australia, instead of reversing real climate … Continue reading

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Sea level rise threatens inner west Sydney sport

Climate change is warming the seas as well as the atmosphere. Water expands when it warms. So the seas are rising – around 200mm last century and accelerating. This is the sort of basic science that Tony Abbott and his … Continue reading

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Rising seas from climate change threaten Melbourne sport

Climate change is driving sea level rise. It’s happening  – mostly because water expands as it warms, some of it from melting ice as well – and accelerating. Images on this page are copied from OzCoasts maps for impacts of … Continue reading

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