Don’t let climate change wash away Sydney girls cricket

A number of the grounds used by the Sydney Rivers Girls Cricket Association are under threat from the impact of rising sea levels caused by human induced climate change.

Global warming is warming the oceans. Water expands as it warms. So, the seas are rising: around 200mm last century, and accelerating.

Cahill Park in Wolli Creek is under particularly serious threat.

One of the OzCoast maps for sea level rise of 1.1 metres shows that complete  inundation would result for Cahill Park.  You may need to look twice to see where the park is under the blue shade and look side by side with a current map!


Even with the impacts from 50 cm sea level rise , OzCoast’s map shows that Cahill Park – which is next to the tidal Cooks River – would lose much of its area.

Sydney Rivers Girls Cricket also uses 5 of the 11 grounds in Scarborough Park, Kogarah. These grounds are all only just above the levels of sea level rise where OzCoasts maps for the area show inundation (2.1 metres above current average sea level). Google Earth shows much of Scarborough Park North as between  2 and 3 metres above average sea level now, and Scarborough Park grounds 9, 10 and 11 as not much higher.

The impacts of sea level rise of course include flooding by high tides. OzCoasts notes that their maps do not factor in increased impacts from storm surges.

Don’t let girls cricket be timed out by delays in climate action!

Climate change: the time for games is over

 Authorised by David Mason, 47 Charles St Marrickville NSW

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