Eastern suburbs sport and sea level rise from climate change

Global warming is happening, and it is raising sea levels.

Sports grounds are often in low lying locations, and provide early indicators of risks to communities which mean we should be acting urgently in Australia, instead of reversing real climate action and having pretend policies like Tony Abbott’s “direct inaction”.

Sports grounds in Sydney’s eastern suburbs have just a little bit more room above sea level than many around the country exposed to serious risks from sea level rise –  including some grounds across the Harbour on the North Shore and on the northern beaches, in Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott’s own electorates.

But at Woollahra Golf Club, OzCoasts maps start to show the intrusion of rising salt water that we will see with sea level rise of 1.1 metres or more – whether in our lifetimes or our children’s, unless we have urgent action on climate change right now.


Future generations in the area may wish, too late, that local member Malcolm Turnbull had stick with his convictions on climate action, instead of voting (as he has) to follow Tony Abbott’s irresponsible lead into the water.

Climate change: the time for games is over

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