Commonwealth Bank – sponsoring cricket but climate change too?

Update 6 August 2015: CommBank pulls out of Adani’s Galilee Basin mine! Great news; let’s see more of it.

The Commonwealth Bank is much known and appreciated for its sponsorship of Australian cricket – from Test to local and junior level.

So with climate change presenting serious threats to Australian cricket and other sports – through sea level rise and increased extreme weather including heatwaves – we have to ask, what’s the Commonwealth Bank doing even thinking about financing the expansion of coal port facilities at Queensland’s Abbot Point?

The Abbot Point expansion is planned to serve vast new coal mining operations in the Galilee Basin in Queensland.

Burning all this coal would create more greenhouse gas emissions than the whole of Australia generates at the moment.

The site shows how many Australian cricket grounds will be under water this century, unless we reduce emissions rapidly from a business as usual scenario towards zero.

Abbot Point expansion and burning vast amounts of Galilee Basin coal are way beyond, way worse than business as usual.

Does the Commonwealth Bank support a long term future for Australian cricket?

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